The invitation

The invitation

This lifetime you are incredibly blessed.
You may not realize it yet, but you are so fortunate to be where you are now. So savor each moment of this very special life and don’t let it go to waste.

Every event that ever happened in the history of the universe has brought you to this moment. One thing led to another and to another and to another…

And now, after eons and eons, it is your time.

The time is now.

The time is right for you to hear the invitation.
The invitation to be who you are.
To unveil yourself and step naked into the light.

Strip off all ideas and beliefs that you have about yourself,
and see yourself for the first time as you really are.

Just for a moment, drop all your strategies, wants and needs.
Forget your knowledge, your history, your likes and dislikes.
Throw away every identity that you have covered yourself with.

Do it now.

Don’t worry, you can always pick them up again later.
They will still be there if you want them back.

But for now, just drop them.
And be here, naked.
Just be.

And be still…

Who are you now?
What is looking out of your eyes right now?

Can you describe it?

You don’t have to, because it is looking out of my eyes too.
So let me tell you what you see:

It is pure.
It is completely untouched and undamaged by everything that ever happened to you and everything you ever did.
It is innocent and fresh and new.
It is ageless and it is timeless.
It knows nothing and it is pure knowing.
It is limitless.
It is freedom.

It is love.

You are invited to live this life as That.



    • Wim

      Thank you Elin!
      Do you accept the invitation?

  1. Its truely a worthy invitation. It makes me feel so light. No more a prisoner of wants. Its amazing to be nothing.

    • Wim

      I’m happy to hear that Ferwa!

  2. “innocent and fresh and new…” I love what you’ve written, Wim! Haven’t seen you on BC lately. Hope you’re having a wonderful summer.

  3. What a powerful and refreshing post! I loved it. Thanks for the inspiration this morning.

  4. Life is beautiful, isn’t it.
    A few synchronicitous events have just occurred that has lead me to this “invitation” once again.
    I have presented this invitation in almost the same exact phrases not so long ago.
    It is truly a freeing experience.
    I thank the Universe for having brought me here this day.
    Peace. :)

    • Wim

      Hi Dan!
      Many people who “wake up” report experiencing more and more synchronistic events.
      Maybe it’s being more in alignment with reality that allows these things to happen, or maybe it’s just that we are more aware, and notice things that previously went unnoticed.
      But you are right – It is beautiful.
      Thank you.

    • Wim

      Thanks Susana!

  5. What a beautiful piece!! I feel like I’m going to have to come back and read it again when I can really take it in and “accept” as it were. In fact I might need to see this many times throughout my life. Thank you so much for sharing it. ;)

    <3 V

    • Wim

      You’re very welcome Verdee. I’m so glad you like it!
      All it takes to fully “accept” it is to recognize that underneath the little character called Verdee there is a limitless, untouched and untouchable being.

      That is who you are.


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